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According to UNICEF-Uganda 2019 Child Poverty Report, absolute poverty is officially defined in Uganda as a ‘condition of extreme deprivation of human needs, characterized by the inability of individuals or households to meet or access the minimum requirements for decent human wellbeing such as nutrition, health, literacy and shelter’ (UBOS, 2012: 60). In Uganda ‘there is general agreement that poverty is a lack of basic needs and services such as food, clothing, bedding, shelter, basic health care and education’ (MFPED 2000b, 2002). These are ‘basic needs’ definitions of poverty which are very similar in content to the human rights minimum core obligation.

It is against that background that Child2Youth Foundation from time to time reach out to Needy Children with basic humanitarian materials such as: mattresses, bed sheets, mosquito nets, blankets and clothes from their Sponsors so as to have a better standard of living and better education.